Mustering Chopper - ON SALEMustering Chopper - ON SALEMustering Chopper - ON SALE
Mustering Chopper - ON SALE
Mustering Chopper - ON SALE Mustering Chopper - ON SALE Mustering Chopper - ON SALE

Mustering Chopper - ON SALE

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$10 off RRP $34.95  |  Short Time Only  | Limited Stock Available
Young fellas love the wicked skills of today's "Stockmen of the Sky" in their mustering choppers.
Helicopters have become essential tools of the trade in Australia's vast northern cattle properties.  Mustering choppers can do in a few hours what might take a team of stockmen on horses and motorbikes a couple of days.  They are part of the modernisation of the cattle industry providing huge savings in time and money as well as access to difficult country.   Of course, flying them looks like awesome fun!
  • Classic boys rib tee design in white 100% Australian Grown Cotton fabric with gorgeous yellow contrast stitching.
  • Old school black and white digital garment print guaranteed not to peel off in the wash
  • 100% Made in Australia creating jobs for Australian businesses and families
The image on this tee was captured by the amazing Aticia Grey from Miss Grey Photography.  Miss Grey's passion and connection to the land in the Pilbara region of Western Australia is described by her here:
"I have spent most of my life with red dirt in my veins. Growing up, my brother and I were lucky enough to be involved in all aspects of station life, taking radio lessons at the cattle yards so we could be there to "assist" (ha ha) with the cattle work.  I was never one to chase the company of other kids.  As long as I had my dog, calves, horse and assortment of other pets including chooks and joeys, I was content.
After five long years at boarding school I was finally able to come home and continue to do what I love on a place that has a stronger hold on me than I ever thought possible. Through photography, I have found a way to share so many special parts of my life which in turn has led me to appreciate what I have so much more."  
Miss Grey's photography is stunning and her images share a picture of "true Outback life".  To find out more, visit her website at Miss Grey Photography.
PS.  These tee shirts are very air-mail friendly and make an awesome gift for friends and family overseas or across Australia.

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