G'day from "Old Mount Stuart" in our first blog post

Firstly, it would be a good start to see who’s talking eh?

Here’s a picture of my husband Geoff and I on a rare night out between Baby Number 1 (aka/ V) and Baby Number 2 (aka/ RM).

Geoff & Sonya Comiskey | BORN COUNTRY

We live on a 24,500 acre cattle station, “Old Mount Stuart” in Central Queensland.   To put that in some context, our farm is about the same size as inner city Paris.  Geoff and his family are graziers and go back generations on the land.  Together they operate a family cattle farming business across three properties in Central Queensland. 

Moving to the farm and starting our own little family has been a massive change for me!  I am a certified project manager working on multi-million dollar civil construction and building projects.  What do I do with these tiny little people called babies?! 



The seed for the Born Country brand was planted between the arrival of V, now 6 years old and RM, now 3 years old.  I found it very difficult to get good quality, Australian Made clothes which weren’t covered in sticky plastic print.  You know the kind of print which inevitably peels off after a few washes or smudges if the iron even *thinks* about touching it! To this day, I still don’t know who “Ben 10” is!   Back then, that seemed to be the only print I could ever get in the kid’s section!

I was also alarmed to read stories in the media indicating that school children are losing touch with where food and fibre comes from.  It was also reported by The Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper who said: "Three-quarters of Australian children in their final year of primary school believe cotton socks come from animals and almost one-third are convinced yoghurt grows on trees."

So...I did my homework and identified that there was a real gap in the market for good quality, Australian Made wardrobe staples.  Garments with a country flavour, sporting images of ponies and tractors and windmills.  Little people love their printed tees and the conversations that go along with choosing what to wear and getting dressed provide a valuable learning opportunity for parents to teach them where food and fibre comes from.

After countless late nights and plenty of hard work, Born Country Baby in sizes 000-6 sprouted in late 2012.    It has been a wonderful adventure!  I have absolutely loved seeing my ideas come to life!  No doubt I look toothy and embarrassing every time someone gushes over  Born Country product at a retail event (usually over our girls booty covers!) and it completely makes my day when I get an email or social media comment from a happy customer.  I think that's made me more generous in my feedback to other businesses, knowing how much it makes a difference to the owner!

We haven't been in this business very long, but crikey, have we've learned a lot!  And we have grand plans!  Hope you too can wear your country heart on your sleeve and stick with us on this funky adventure. Thanks for taking the time to stop in a read a little about us.   I'm looking forward to welcoming some awesome guest contributors and sharing recipes, stories and more photos from our life in future posts. 

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